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L046 hypancistrus zebra pleco catfish. Private

2 weeks ago   Pets & Mascots   Sydney   40 views Reference: 955

Location: Sydney

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I have for sale L046 zebra plecos for both young and adults all-around 3 to 10cm in size. Prices are very affordable and welcoming. They feed well and pray on. Their foods include high-quality flake food, sinking carnivore pellets, frozen or freeze-dried blood-worms tubifex, and brine shrimp, as well as sinking algae wafers.

Water temperature: Zebra pleco love to dwell in warm waters; hence the appropriate water temperature for them is between 26°C and 30°C Water hardness: They can thrive in moderately soft water to medium-hard water so, a degree of water hardness between 5dH to 15dH should be suitable for them.PH range: The pH range for zebra plecosfalls is between 6.0 – 7.5, that is, slightly acidic or slightly alkaline range. A 30% water change should be carried out every week.