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Acrylic, Sticker, Banner, Signage, Flex printing, Sign board, Badge Business

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Whats is 3D Acrylic signage and vinyl Sticker?
3D acrylic signage are hard to manufacture due to the nature of material (hard fibre).
Typically, 3D acrylic signages would be available in a combination of probably one or
max two colours. Due these limitations, the signage can only be used for content which
is largely plain, such as nameplates of a person, room, building, and logos
(these are the most popular type of content for 3D acrylic).
However, if you requirement from the signage is to express more than names and logos
such as the picture shown above then the ideal option would be to go for an Easy to
install foam board. These are highly customisable and literally anything can be
printed to express visually. Frequency of upgrade required of the signage
The names of person, room in hospital, building, flat and logos do not change
every quarter. Changes to such names are rare and probably happen once in 5-15
years. For such signage, it's advisable to use 3D acrylic rather than an Easy
to install foam board. 3D acrylic material is quite durable and has negligible
wear and tear (expected product life is 5-10 years) whereas the quality of print
on Vinyl stickers or could fade over period of time losing its purpose.

Vinyl Sticker
Vinyl stickers on the other hand outdo paper stickers on multiple fronts.
Vinyl stickers are made of highly durable vinyl – it is much stronger than
paper and won't tear easily. One of the biggest advantages of vinyl stickers
is that it can be pulled off in one piece leaving no residue unlike paper
stickers that always either come out partially or leave behind some substantial
patches that become a nightmare to get rid of. Vinyl stickers also withstand
very well against water, dust, sunlight and fade only after a prolonged duration
of time. They also look more professional and are ideal for long term use and
are easy to clean as well.